Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Log Chart

Here is a Magical Green Screen Log. Mr Paul wanted to make sure that between him and Mr Ray and myself we know where we are with the green screen sections for StoryTrain. Mr Paul and Mr Ray do the compositing and rendering and put into Avid, then the rubbish coloured pen scribbles on the chart are when I have edited the sound with the green screen on Avid.
Oh and look! It's tea stained! I would like to take this opportunity to make it be known that Mr Paul was in no way responsible for spilling the tea.


  1. I love all these little insider titbits! I always wonder what goes on upstairs.. it's slighty scary and foreign to me! :D

  2. Well next time you go for a weewee you can stop off and have a chat =)

  3. :O ...can't believe you just told the internet that I weewee!