Friday, 9 April 2010

StoryTrain Size Chart

Here is a size chart for Driver Dan's Story Train characters to show how they all relate to each other. Hip and Hop (rabbits) are the same size so to save space the rough model of one is put in. The same for Milly and Lilly (the flamingos). Although that's the final model. Oh and the Counting Sheep are all inside number 5. They stack you see.
I didn't know what else to say about the picture.
Can you tell?


  1. Caught an episode of this a few weeks back, and thought then that the Lion's mane and ears were a work of genius. Having seen the sketches and images here only confirms this for me. Something about the shape ( and, I want to say 'feel' !! ) of them is brilliant. For what it's worth, pass on my compliments to all responsible.

  2. Thank you very much Mr Keith. I certainly will pass on the nice compliments.