Monday, 5 July 2010

Madonna Characters

Here are some rough character animation frames from the Madonna video 'Dear Jessie' we worked on at the end of the 80's for Animation City. This was her last 80's single in fact.
We did the love parade characters above and the charcoal section where we fly through some make believe land. And some of the fairy.


  1. Blimey, a blast from the past. Showing your age there.

    Love the little sketches of the clown at the bottom, like the movement of them.

  2. Well it's funny you should mention that as I am almost 25. We are going to have a bit of an announcement soon and an exciting thing to see. Keep watching.

  3. ooooooh when is A's birthday!? I am 25 soon too - can you make sure you get us a joint present please!? :D