Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Class Reunion

Here is a storyboard page for the new short for the 21st Century Learning Initiative. You can see the short here.
The style had to move on a bit from the first one as the characters are talking a lot and talking to each other so there was a need for more expression. So then if you make the faces more realistic you then need to add hair and clothes, otherwise it just looks a bit wrong.
Again Damian Lewis does the voice, this time with Alex Kelly (she does some of the voices on Story Train). Board by Mr Dave, animation by Mr Rob, Mr Ollie and Mr Dan. Directed by Miss Jane.


  1. I always really enjoy looking at your storyboards. It would be great to meet Mr. Dave. Always a joy coming to this blog.

  2. Hello Mr Jamie. Thank you. This is a different Mr Dave, there have been many.
    Just for you I will find a nice board to post up soon.