Friday, 25 November 2011

Flash Library

  "This morning I was doing something with Flash using an old library. This was the library for a series we did called Dusty and Musty. I decided to open this up and see how extensive it is. As you can see it's full. This is everything you need for the 6 main characters. Turnarounds, walk cycles (for every angle), run cycles (for every angle), lipsync (for every angle, happy AND sad) and everything is in twice as one has the shadow on and the other doesn't. This was library version 53 and was what was ready for the start of production. It was constantly updated with reusable animation in and more props etc.
So much work by so many people, there was a lot of heart put into this project. I discovered I was capable of 46hr shifts. We became a little family for those 18 months." *genuinely wiping away a little tear.
- Jane

The picture shows the library in sections and the long thin pic on the right is how it looks un-sectioned, quite long isn't it.

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