Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Teddy's Trains

Here are some images from I pilot we did quite some years ago based on the Teddy's Trains children's books. Funny thing is, we did all this traditionally as it was before we started to use Flash. It would have been so easy to do in Flash and not have to thicken all the lines individually in Animo. Mr Tim did say at the time Flash would be easier but none of us knew how to use it. Plus there were no computers in the building apart from the Animo system. Now all we have is computers in the building and a render farm that is heating the street!


  1. yeah, that woulda been perfect in flash. i remember starting my third year film and thinking, "this would work better in flash, but i dont think im that good at it". Now i can't even imagine animating without it :s

  2. Yes Flash is very good Mr Ash. And it also makes things easier working with animators remotely when they are at home. But it has meant hardly anyone is any good at proper traditional animation any more. Having a good quality of line is now non existent. It's a shame.