Monday, 17 May 2010

A Tweenie shot

Hi, I'm back so I may leave a few posts today to make up for none last week.
Here is a still from The Tweenies. We did all the animation in it and compositing them into new environments or creating fantasy characters that Milo, Bella, Fizz and Jake interacted with over the years.


  1. I did that. I'm glad we've got Duncan to do CG modelling now.

  2. Aww Mr Paul, There is nothing wrong with it. I like it. They certainly got there moneys worth over the series. Also when was this? 2002, 2003?
    Mr Duncan is rather brilliant at modelling tho.

  3. Used to work at Elstree when they shot the live action sections. You could walk past the stage door and see all the Tweenie heads on their resting stands like decapitated Cromwellian traitors.

  4. hehe, I am SO going to try to fit in the saying 'Decapitated Cromwellian Traitors' into as many conversations as I can from now on.

    It was quite weird on the raw footage we got of the tweenies when they rested as the actors inside the suits must have to look down with there heads when they are acting. So at the end of the shots they would all slowly raise there heads up to the sky and the mouths would all open up slowly. It was like they were all worshipping, and gawping at the sky.
    Don't even get me started on what Doodles did, that was beyond freaky.